Diana_Field Photography

By dianafieldphoto

177 / 365 - Anonymous Secrets Challenge: 13

Anonymous Secret 13: "My phobia is Emetophobia, Google it."

Dear anonymous secret sender: Oh no that's a horrible phobia :( My poor doggie was trying to refrain himself from being ill today.. I went out to take photos of him for fun with the new lens as the weather is amazing and then he suddenly got very ill.... not nice but it reminded me of your secret and fitted with the brief. This was the only one I took - as soon as I saw him getting ill I decided to just let him sort himself out. He hates his photo being taken already as it is and it felt weird taking photos of him when he wasn't well without his usual happy expression.. :(

Boo hoo, I hope you never have to be ill!


Tried out another new class this morning; 'Bodypump' OUCH!!! I didn't realize how difficult weights can get... and after 2 long day's/nights working and such, my muscles weren't wanting to do a lot haha!

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