Life with The Pinks

By suzypink

faster than the speed of light...'s Super-Daisy! The mini Pinks went to my Godson's 5th birthday party today, which was super-hero themed. Never before outside of Gotham city had so many batmen, spidermen, or other lycra clad rescuers been seen. They all looked fab. Miss pink wasn't very impressed by her cape or wrist bands, but was happy enough to twirl around in her customised t-shirt for the occasion. Master Pink went as Spidey, in full muscle bound costume! He got too hot after half an hour and changed into his casual spiderman t-shirt! I wonder if Peter Parker has that problem?

The party was fab, cake was brilliant, but most of all the kids had a super-hero sized ball. Happy Birthday to my super-hero Godson. xxx

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