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By scotchlass

Donut anyone

Today has been a little bit of work this morning, then off for the afternoon to pick up the children from school and head over to my friend Missymoo for her son Mr W birthday party as seen here.

A group of us went to Bassingbourn snowsports centre, there is no snow involved, but the strange plastic stuff, so that involved us all having to wear trousers, long sleeved tops and gloves to protect yourself on the slope,(another hot day) The kids had a great time being spun down the slope, the end was all the donuts in a circle with mr W in the middle, whilst they sang happy birthday to him on the way down.

We went back to Missymoo's for some party food, before i had to take my two plus Laurens friend Molly back home.

Despite Fred falling asleep in the car, when we got to Mollys house the three of them jumped into the pool to cool down.

Thank you Missymoo for another great birthday party and thank you for the support, it means a lot.

Have a good evening :)

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