Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

So what's left?

Only bloody water...

My Legs from two days ago have been suspended!!!
Why? Because too pervy?
No! Because it has a bloody border!

So probably shouldn't go into too much detail about the appointment I had yesterday at the hospital. Lots of things to do with urine and bladders and now maybe hernia in the equation and at 'your age' then could just be getting a bad back (F*** off!).

Inconclusive test results (aren't they always?) and there is this other test I could have which involves putting a tube up into your bladder, filling it with water and seeing how well it comes out. (Didn't that used to be a torture in the middle ages?) or a CT scan (no thank you) or I could take some drugs without the test which they would prescribe if the test told them something or if it was inconclusive. But the drugs can have side effect. (Well no thank you again for now). So isn't there anything I can try first like my diet and lifestyle...? Hence the sheet.

So I think some drugs will be required just to give me something elicit, if I am going to be this pure!

This 'at your age' thing has been coming up quite a bit recently. At my age, which is 46, apparently you must just expect to start the steady slope of falling to bits. It is not a 'what' it's a 'when'. Around the 40 mark things start to move and spread and fade and blotch and grow hair and basically not look quite as lush and good as they did before with still a hint, if you squint, of former glory. But then that generalness turns into just plain wearing out, make do and mend, chop it out/off, patch it up, stitch it up. So I think I definitely need to have a good time with this body of mine in the next few months before it packs in all together...

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