Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Island View

Very nice day with the boys. Slow start on this very grey windy day. So we opted for a long walk this morning and they wanted to spend a LONG time in a brisk cold wind on this beach looking toward the south end of the island we live on. (we are on the north end.) Apparently the rocks here are especially good for throwing. :-) Galiano is in the background. They are standing on the barge landing, where all the building materials on trucks have to get unloaded at low tide (pretty low right now!) It never did rain but we spent a lot of time making stuff in the studio this afternoon - they just played and played like little boys do, when they are not programmed for some class or sport, making capes and all kinds of complicated belts with hangers for light-sabers, and a pipe-cleaner "speed racer". (and a little bit of cement work to experiment with a mold we have...) We used most of a roll of chartruese duck tape!

The sailboat on the last dock is our friend C (Islandcat) and P's - If you can look closely enough, there are 2 dark specks - C and P are getting the boat ready for a little voyage - this will be a great day to sail! It's noon here , time to get going! It's now 8pm and the wind is still blowing, but it's cleared up and sunny.

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