More Wally

First - supersize

I've been meaning to do this for a while. I noticed one sunny Monday evening on my way to Stills that as you cross South St David Street (up the side of Jenners) there's a point where St Giles is sitting right next to the Scott Monument. I hadn't figured at the time that you would be able to get Sir Walter into the frame as well so that was a pleasant surprise when I finally wandered along at lunchtime to take the photo.

It was a lovely day for it. West Register House had a funny big cloud sitting above it at lunchtime and having bunked off a little early (we'd just had a talk about process quality systems so that was a good enough reason to leave) and decided to walk to Princes Street, the building line on the Royal Mile looked spectacular and just before turning into the station, the sun was carving out nice shadows on the Scotsman and Carlton Hotels. I'll maybe add links when Flickr is finished f*&*ing about. Done.

I've failed on the stranger front this week but maybe tomorrow. I'm taking Ewan to Alien Rock so maybe a climber.

What else did I do? Hmm. I bought some books for the kids (this one, this one and this one) and that's about all.

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