Those of you who regularly follow will realize that today I usually do a standard-ish photo of Bethany on this date. My personal rules of the BethaBlip state that when something uniquely blippable comes along on the applicable date then the BethaBlip can move.

What could be more blippable than long term blipper Wingpig performing some rather impressive and frighteningly exact gymnastic sideways pose for a bit of perspective project fun.

It was loads of fun which helped split up the day. Thanks Wingpig.


Notes on the mini-project...
If you enter the words tagged perspectiveproject you will see the pictures I've added to this project thus far. If anyone would like to join in, take a picture in the same vein, make sure your subject is in their pose in the middle of the thumbnail and add the tag 'perspectiveproject'. Bonus points are awarded for getting your subject to look at someone else in the blipsearch results. I'm also looking for willing volunteers to do similar poses and am willing, weather permitting to do the same.

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