The second half of life..

By twigs

Iced grass

Another frosty night last night which made getting up a challenge. Still, it's Sunday - best day of the week - so I had time to light the fire and spend time enjoying its warmth and atmosphere with absolutely no feelings of guilt whatsoever.


With a nice warming coffee in me I then ventured outside to see what the frost had delivered - and there I found my lawn (desperately in need of a mow!) and garden covered in melting ice crytals.

Sometimes I have blip days where I struggle to see or find anything of any interest and worthy of a shot but today I have struggled to narrow my choice to just one. Feast or famine, and today it was a feast :)

I've plumped for this shot because I feel it has the clarity and feel of the ice whilst also showing a couple of drops of melted ice.

I haven't changed the colours per se but I have 'cooled' the temperature which has brought out more blue in the ice.

Enjoy it large!

Back to work tomorrow so I figure I'll be back to famine again :(

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