Lathyrus Odoratus

By lathyrus

Layering day

Most of my sweet peas are grown as cordons, the side shoots are removed and each plant tied in at every leaf joint to an 8 foot bamboo cane. When the growing point reaches the top of the cane the ties have to be undone and the stem (haulum) lowered, laid along the ground and tied in again 3-4 feet high on a new cane. With 120 plants to do it takes ages and there are inevitably some casualties when the haulum breaks. This process is done two or three times a season and by early September the plants may be 20 or 30 feet long.

I should have done it last weekend but, for one reason and another didn't have the time. I hope doing it today isn't too close to exhibition day on the 16th July. Before layering I always cut all the flowering stems for the house and neighbours. Off to find vases and jam jars for about 300 sweet peas......

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