horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

By George!

Another early morning rise, and out once again in the sun, missing Lady findhorn by (presumably) a matter of minutes as I lingered on Porty prom on the bike watching a jogger put herself through the pain of a sandy run. I'd popped down via Bath Street specifically to get a shot of the old George Cinema for the ongoing Art Deco project.

Formerly the County Cinema (renamed the George in 1954), now a bingo hall. Built in 1938, the central 'pillar' (with 'George' on it now) used to have a massive top to it. Built by T Bowhill Gibson is has Categroy C(S) listing (from 1974).

"The original facing block (currently brilliant white) was in two shades of light blue, and the 33' high advertising tower was entirely glazed, and illuminated at night from inside by means of cyclo troughing, giving constantly changing pastel hues. The top of the building was outlined by a thin line of neon tubing, and the remainder of the facade was floodlit by lights hidden behind the canopy."
C McKean, The Scottish Thirties (1987)

It looked like this.

Lovely way to start the day, and it only got better with the sun coming out. Gardening done in the heat of the midday sun; a lovely glass of exploded cider (long story); some girls seen picnicking in the car park behind M&S at Fort Kinnaird (no, the logic escaped me as well); gazebo built; Tour de France team time trial sadly not won by SKY (at present it looks like Cadel Evans might end the day in yellow!); wood eating wasp observed; and new sunglasses camcorder reviewed.

Now. BBQ awaits. Summer is (finally) here.

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