horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Shake it All About

I'd promised an opus tonight, mainly to MAiT, on cycle helmets. What I wrote... Was awful. A ranty mess, which does no justice to the controversy of the subject. I've been writing for 6 years on cycling on my own site and elsewhere, and I've never actually tackled the helmet debate head-on (if you'll pardon the pun). To do this justice, to make sure the point is well-made, and above all understood, that takes some more time. Saturday. You're getting it on Saturday.

Because tonight I'm actually getting the latest issue of the cycling site online, tomorrow night is the pub quiz, and Thursday night I'm finishing the build of my new bike. But I finally need to do this. It'll be cathartic.

Speaking of the site, Mel was out of the office with work today, and was chatting to counsel for her lot, who it turns out is a cyclist, knows the site, and reckons he'd know me if he saw me. Fame. At. Last.

The sign above? From the Causewayside Garage. I'll try to give you the history tomorrow, right now there's some writing, pictures and coding to be done.

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