rob the ritch

By robtherich


This the cards we got,and the ones we gave each other.People pay alot for cards
then a few day later thy are thrown out.So I thought I would put them into the record to remember them.The people we met at the garden party,were a wide spectrum of walks of life.A surgeon,school teacher and army and air force.
We also met a couple that used to run a gift shop in the royal mile.We had not seen them for about twenty year.Thy now do acting on some adverts and give the
money to charity,unless it cost a lot for travel.We were standing waiting for the duke next to FIONA ARMSTRONG the B.B.C. news 24 reader,her husband and daughter.As soon as soon as I saw her daughter,in a red dress and blond,Iknew the duke would speek to her.I told her and I was right.

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