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By SJordan

Successful muffins. :)

So yesterday tried to make muffins for the first time, and they were a total disaster, followed the recipe exactly and they came out hugely burnt. So this morning I decided I'd try again. :) I followed the recipe, but kept an eye on them, my oven baked them about 6 minutes quicker than the recipe suggested, so here they are, the first successful batch.

Had to get up at 7.10 this morning to take my Aunt and Uncle to get their coach. They're off to Killarney for a few days, so I had to leave them to the bus station. I got home around 8.40, and went straight back to bed, so it wasn't too bad. When I got up, I watched the first episode of the new series of Teen Mom, then baked my muffins. Now I'm relaxing, watching a little bit of CSI, before work at 5.


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