By ArcLight

Today was all about the walking

Well I believe this is my 300th blip, and I'm jolly glad to have got here, and grateful for all the comments and views along the way, but the material to do something related to that has not presented itself. So here is a Scottish view. And a tree.

What we have done is take a walk. Rather banal, I know, but when you have knees like mine then you take anything you are given. We managed about 9 kms, and although it was a terrible trudge for me at the end, it was nonetheless overall very enjoyable. It was followed by an excellent baked potato in the Bridge Cafe in Poolewe, and then somewhat later a meringue to top off the day in Maggie's cafe in Camusnagaul near the campsite.

In between, we have managed to dodge the showers and enjoy the sunshine. It's generally been more of the latter than the former, although there has just been an enormous shower/rainstorm whilst we were in the second tearoom and shortly thereafter. Now we are praying that the wind doesn't drop so that Mr Midge (or rather Mrs Midge since it is the females that bite) stays grounded.

Tonight is the last night of camping for a few days, as we are going to a B&B. Then we will break out the tent again next week.

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