The teacher

What a gorgeous day it was! A warm sun that brought the temperature up to at least 10C.

My mother came to visit this morning and to see Emily. It was after church and before brunch at the restaurant with the "Girls". At soon-to-be 87 she's a busy woman. In few weeks she will move from her house where she has lived for the past 45 years, to an apartment in a new block for older people. A BIG move.

Moving is stressing for anybody, but when you get older, it becomes bigger like the number of candles on your birthday cake. This here is her teacher's look. One of Emily's teacher was also over to visit Em at the same time as my mother. Pauline was so touched, she had tears in her eyes when she was told the reason why the other lady was there.

Talking about birthdays, it was Matt's B-Day yesterday. He was 28. Matt is my oldest son, the father of Sarah-Jeanne and Eve. Happy birthday son! I'm proud of you.

This afternoon we took a few hours to go to Louis's sugar camp. We started to boil the first batch of sap of the season. We were very happy not to have missed it. Especially since Lisa left tonight for the whole week on business.

Yesterday, after technical difficulty with the small Canon, the date was wrong and my entry was delayed awaiting approval for quite a while. Check it out if you missed it as it has the link to day 2 of the trip to Spain.

I hope you all had a nice relaxing weekend and I wish you a fulfilling week.

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