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Elsewhere in Calne, D donates a regular supply of mealworms to the birds in her garden, carefully placed on a saucer in a tree to keep larger birds such as pigeons from scoffing the lot. The blackbirds are the major beneficiaries, either from the saucer itself or from the ground below, and this juvenile is a regular visitor. Next in the pecking order are the robins, hedge sparrows, finches and the occasional wren. The blackbirds have come to expect being fed and will prompt D to come up with the goods, even hopping through the picture window on occasion.

The property is adjacent to the River Marden and so mallards and moorhens are also garden visitors.


Lens: Sigma 70-300mm

Day #466
Blip #464
Consecutive Blip #461


Robin series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Beatles - Blackbird (1968)

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