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By pontycyclops

Spiny Norman - #Titwar Pt3 - Runaway!

As you know, a certain Simon Latham has be trying to claim that his Gwent Birds were better than our Glamorgan Birds. This quickly escalated into a Titwar, dragging innocents into it's wake, poor old Ruthy ...

Well it now seems that Simon has gone on the run! He is still using the "I'm off on holidays..." line, but I can exclusively reveal, that an old adversary has returned.

Having seen off the Piranha Brothers back in 1970, he has returned once more to right a wrong.

Where once the streets of the east end of London echoed to the sound of "Dinsdale.....", now the Valleys of Gwent will ring with the menacing call of "Laaaatthhhaaamm!!"

Not even Harry "Snapper" Organs can save Simon now .... Spiny Norman is coming Simon ... Be afraid, be very afraid!

To see the original documentary on the Piranha Brothers from 1970, please view the following YouTube clips.

Ethel The Frog Part 1

Ethel The Frog Part 2

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