IsItDan's Journal

By DEdgell

Slightly Eventful!

Today started as rubbish as always... College, i had IT, its never a great lesson to be in... Very boring! However, i spend it with some alright people, Maddy wasn't there today, so it was just me and James, we have our own little jokes that others in that class just wouldn't understand!?

Then photography with some of the coolest people, i get along with them really well. So that was all good, got piles of work done... Or not... Photography lessons are just so hard to work in!

After that oh so productive Photography lesson, i proceeded to my best friends house for a little bit of lunch which was in her own words 'Bangin'! So good at making sandwiches i must say!!

I then drove over another friend house where there would be a little gathering, playing rock band, chess and connect 4... Advanced!

I know it might not sound like a very exciting afternoon, it was though...

All in all, an alright day all round!

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