Louise - Changing Natures

By louisemac

Carvin' Jack...

One of the things I've discovered I really enjoy when I'm spending time outdoors is carving with my penknife. All been pretty basic so far - hacking away to make smooth sticks essentially!! But it's something I find really absorbing, so want to learn how to do it with purpose, and have something to show for it. I'm also keen to learn about the characteristics of different wood.

So - here is my new-ish Carving Jack, which has six incredibly sharp blades, all differently moulded for different carving tasks and shapes. It was christened round the campfire on my recent trip to Cornwall - now I just need to find more time to practice making a butter knife - my first project. If I still have all my fingers and no severed arteries at the end of it, then I'll count it a success!

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