Hello. This is what i see


Finally decorated the inside of my wardrobe.

It took me ages to do. I chose models of different races and had to cut pieces to the right size, so it would fit. I really love it. I wish i could post more than one pic of em on here, to show you the other side and my fave bits etc. I was thinking mayb it's abit shallow :/ Cos i also have been collecting articles and have ripped out poverty stricken child photo's and all time hero's. I just don't think it's appropriate for a wardrobe though. So the images i chose for the inside all have a story, e.g the girl with amazing eyes and frckles is one of my faves, as well as jordun dunns safari shoot. Wen i get dressed, i want to feel happy and ina good mood, so yeh, i think the pics are kool! I spent wayyyyyyy too long on it though wen i should hav been tidying my room! loool.
I'm gettin rid of selfish dicks officially, i'm so sick of making ppl my priority, wen i'm not theres! SO i let go of a friendship i thought i's hav foreva cos it realllyy isnt fair now.
I was hapy and then i cried alot cos lots of diff shit happened in between my collage today. I hate that. Overall, today has been nice though :) Gonna see my sophie on saturday and ria tomoz :) x

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