This and that...

By Spottycups

Wet washing and lots of sand

Today was sunny and warm again so it was off to St Andrews for lunch then a bit of time on the beach. The girls had a great time and even I had a tentative paddle. Unfortunately though, Big Miss is doing her almost 6 year old thing of trying to be all grown up and totally refusing to listen or be told or be helped. So she landed in the water not once, not twice but three times *sigh* And sadly I hadn't thought about this at all so had no spare clothes :-/ Luckily Little Miss was wearing a skirt and leggings so was able to donate the leggings to Big Miss while we waited for her stuff to dry a bit. These things are sent to try us lol Aside from all that, it was a lovely afternoon.

Now Chinese for tea and woohoo for the weekend!

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