Starry Eyed Surprise

By bellerock

Plotting...Ooh Arr

So this is a picture of the night I have in store for me.

The weather is bleh!, TV even more so.

So it's a great opportunity to really start getting to know Somerset better.

Mr G is at a garden party tonight, mixing and mingling. I'm hoping he'll remember to ask around about areas and schools so that we can get some more ideas of where to go.

I've been sampling various ciders over the last week and I've left this Somerset one for tonight so that I can really get into the spirit of things.

Many Thanks for all your comments, favourites and subs on my blip yesterday. I will get around to replying over the rest of the weekend.

Hope you have a great Saturday night.

This is what I'll be listening to when I study my map. :-)

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