Tis one of my favourite things to do. This cost us £1 at the school opposite us jumble sale and he loves it. The monkey is telling him to find a letter and he's looking for it. More here

Mr nut had a good idea; we should either go back to yoyo and the baHBies house (we visited John and Stacey and their kiddos Baby Alyssa and The Nut's best bud* Theo yesterday) or failing that, visit grannie by the beach. I failed to do either. What a cow bag. I did take him to the supermarket to buy some apples when he couldn't find one, but he didn't eat his apple because he discovered they make chocolate biscuits. That's like, two of his favourites in one.

I got a new camera today. I won't try and justify it.. no I will. If people are going to sell thier limited diana with a 35mm back and and instant back AND films all for less that an instant back alone and I have the money in paypal I cannot be expected not to buy it. Can I?

*unless he has the yellow helicopter. Or the sit in car in the garden. Then he is a mortal enemy.

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