Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I'm sorry that I have gone a bit mad with the macro recently. Wifie says that I go through these phases, and eventually move onto something else. Maybe one day I'll discover and master the art of taking photos of people. We'll see.

I couldn't resist another macro today to show off the close-up beauty of this wasp, that was harmlessly going about its business drinking nectar and in return helping with cross pollination of the Hogweed flowers. I do think wasps are rather unfairly demonised because of their sting. We are too quick to call in the pest controllers when they are in our roof spaces, but as long as you stay clear of the nest, they generally take no notice of you. They do a lot of good in helping the bees out with pollination, and they do their bit for managing the populations of houseflies. Though I must say the sting does hurt.

A quick blip tonight as we are going out tonight for a pub meal, I shall be back later to catch up with comments.

ps May not get a chance to blip Friday and Saturday.

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