world outside your window

By thewanderlust


there's nothing quite like waking up to the sounds of Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes rippling through your open window to give you a sense of place.

before moving to Leith i had no idea of the numbers of cruise ships which come in and out of Western Harbour during the summer months. this is the bunting and the fairy lights of today's fleeting visitor, the Ocean Countess. the tradition on the majority of the 'boats' seems to be the piping off of voyagers in the morning. i wonder what they do on english shores? Morris Dancers playing the tambourine and triangle to the tune of God Save the Queen.*

it's quite an odd sensation heading out in the morning and following the stealthy night arrival of a cruise liner, finding yourself on the streets of downtown Boston, surrounded by visitors complete with gleaming white caps, white trainers and a sweatshirt emblazened with the name of their last destination. "s'cuse me miss - is the hop on hop off bus around here?" i smile and respond ' "why yes, the edinburgh tour bus is just around the corner."

in a rather geeky way i am rather fond of these boats whcih instantly change the scenery and come ago. and it wasn't long ago thatThe World was quite literally outside my window.

*before sparking any xenophobic reaction, i promise, i 100% jest. i spend every other weekend on english shores!

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