My Aim is True


Jings, what a day

Problem after problem at work, skillfully solved and put to rest by me. Great feeling when you do that, eh? But bloody hell I was knackered at the end of the day. Blip the drunkest man in Leith this evening - however I can't find it on my sophisticated piece of camera equipment (aka mobile phone), so you are spared the pleasure of that blip. He was in front of me in the supermarket check-out queue and started up a conversation explaining that he was glad to hear somone in the place that could speak English. I politely pointed out that he should think himself lucky to live in a country that people are wanting to emigrate to. (Whilst I stood as far back as possible so I didn't have to inhale the ench of stale booze)

Bit of sport later on. Then home and my new magazine had arrived in the post, so I blipped that instead. Off to bed to read it now.

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