Brunch at sea

Brunch aboard ship on a day at sea, complete with string trio. Later I met an 88-year-old former US Marine who'd been stationed in Australia during the war before being deployed to the Pacific. After a night drinking in Frankston, Victoria he and some of his comrades missed the last bus back to base. Missing roll call is something you really don't want to do in the Marines, so they "borrowed" a fire engine and left it near the base. After the war the US government gave the fire station a new engine by way of apology, but old Ed and one of his fellow ex-Marines went one better when they flew out to Australia in 1993 and showed up at the Frankston fire station's 100th anniversary celebrations and put $100 on the table. The firefighter asked if it was a donation and they said no, it was gas money plus interest for the fire engine the borrowed 50 years ago!

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