Particles & Waves

By EdwardFenner

Keep your eyes on your fries!

Alternate (alliterative) title: Fine feathered friend filches fresh french fries!

Good thing Mr. Sparrow wasn't after my chicken fingers! Moments after I sat down at the patio at Blueberry Hill at York University, this male American tree sparrow landed on my table about a hand-width from my lunch. I gave him a pinch of french fry and off he went. I put another out and he fetched that, too. And this third one, also. He was waiting in the tree branch above for it but I wanted to catch him for a blip. This was the best one. He's fast and, obviously, familiar with this feeding routine. Let's hope he has a place to eat tomorrow. Today is D-day for BBH. This sordid affair ended up in court and we'll know later today whether the Thrill is gone or we have many more Thrills to come (The Thrill is their signature hamburger).

29 July update: The Thrill continues! The diner will be around until the end of April 2011. BBH is happy, the students are happy, and we'll be campaigning for them to get a long-term lease so they can renovate! Yay!

Yesterday's blip: #353 - Galilean thermometer

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