All that is beautiful

By sharob

Sisters ...

I love pictures like this ... What I love even more is the beautiful relationship my two girls have. They're really sweet, they squabble from time to time but that's usually when Storm is trying to eat Claras Polly Pocket toys :) when we're out, Storm often wants to walk, and when she does, they both can't hold hands quickly enough and Clara is amazingly patient with her clumsy little sister!

So far today we have had a lazy start, followed by a walk into town to buy reception invitations, some art paintbrushes so I can paint with Clara later and some fresh fruit. We came home and had a picnic on the front lawn in front of our house. We were overlooked by all our neighbours but who cares, we love picnics! Then the girls both iced gingerbread men and then ate them up!

It's been a nice day in comparison to yesterday which I didn't write a lot about as I was pretty upset with my mum shouting at my girls and pulling Clara away from soft play. But, after a talk with her, I'm ok. Only 2 sleeps until we're in the new house! Can't wait!!!

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