Man, Mountain or Fish

By StevieFish

And this year for my birthday...

I want a superyacht!

We went to Monaco today for my birthday. fuck me but it is bling-tastic! I am sure that you would still feel like a pauper if you only had a million pounds here. We arrived in the blazing heat, saw the changing of the guard, drooled at all the yachts, took the water bus across the harbour (which is where I took this shot) and then headed up to Monte Carlo where it just got silly. I have never seen about two million pounds worth of cars all in the same place (surrounded by milling throngs of tourists, us included of course). It must be unique in the world. We went to the casino, gambled ten euro, won twenty three, and promptly lost it all again. After that we took a leisurely amble back down to the train and home to Nice.

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