My Year in Pictures

By jenny

Which is your favourite?

Vital stats of the one on the left.
Name: Bill
Breed: Border Terrier
Age: Nearly 4
Weight: 9kg ish
Height (to shoulders): 15 inches ish

Vital stats of the one on the right.
Name: Sizzles
Breed: Daschund
Age: Think he's 3!
Weight: Heavier than 9kg ish
Height (to shoulders): 9 inches ish

Votes please.

My poor Bill is horrified. He's been the subject of 30 out of 350 blips and he's now been completely and utterly usurped by the interloper on his first entry. Granted he's cute, however the interloper is now my 8th most favourite blip and got 7 hearts yesterday.
Poor Bill has to be content with 17th favourite and only 3 hearts - and which to add insult to injury he has to share with his dad.

You can tell how bothered he is here.

Visit still going well. Having lots of fun and too many potential blips to choose from today!

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