Male Bullfinch

Feeling much better than last night, wide awake enough to sit with the window open watching the bird table tonight.

On my hands and knees I crossed the room, collected the camera and stalked a couple of nuthatches. They are flighty in the garden at the best of times and saw me approaching. Once I had opened the window they never returned.

The pair of bullfinches took their place, again I was seen but the male didn't want to stop eating. I think I need some camouflage clothing! ....and some of that netting stuff to drape from the curtain rails!

Or I could preserve my sanity and stick to flowers. Oh, which reminds me, one of my neighbours has something glorious! Should I blatantly walk and snap? Steal a flower after dark? Ask if I could have one? Wait till I see a plant for sale and buy my own?

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