Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Grump alert!

OK, anyone thinking they might get a bit of witty banter and kind consideration out of me today... step away! Thanks for everyone commenting yesterday. I am probably down on the replies front. Got a bit going on. I think this might end up a mini series. I couldn't decide which angle really showed this art installation garden sculpture to full effect. For those who want a good laugh or to study this phenomenon more here.

I have taken a day's leave to do more clearing. I cannot just leave this and concentrate on work.

Surprisingly given my insomnia I could have had quite a nice sleep last night except for the feline love of my little sweet babies. One of which loves me so much that he really couldn't get enough of me last night and wanted to keep getting on to my chest and once there purred incessantly like a pneumatic drill on my chest. Which of course is lovely except at one in the morning, and two and three... Then because I had to kick him off he decided to bring me a catty love token just to let me know how much he really loves me. So at 4am he brought me a mouse from the garden and not just a mouse but a really good feisty live one, what a treat! So I watched him drop it let it go chase it around a bit, the mouse did some great acrobatic displays and the took refuge under the telly. It is probably still there and will die of its injuries and will turn into a bad smell and mass of flies. I thought I'd leave that as a little love token for my ex ;-) I mean the cats love him too you know, so it wouldn't be right for me to keep all this affection to myself.

So then back to sleep for a bit and the fucking whistling builders arrive at 7:30am. I mean really whistling!!! Are they taking the piss? Or just letting me know they are there so I don't run around the garden naked and get a shock. It is quite likely that I'd be running round the garden naked, but I can hear vehicles and see them coming a long way off. Do they think I am stupid?

Oh WTF. Just as I wrote 'whistling' do you know what happened...? Chain saw started up. I am so going to be grumpy today!!!

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