Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Tai Chi

This is Wifie's choice. Practising Tai Chi on the shore in Arnside after the sun had set.

Thank you for all the kind and considered comments on yesterday's dilemma blip. I have explained my feelings previously about the community side of Blipfoto, it is an integral part of the whole experience, and this place is populated by very decent, kind-hearted and supportive people. But I have decided what to do, and that's to switch off the comments for a few days, and then maybe during week days from next week. It doesn't seem fair to me to allow people to comment, and then not to reciprocate - they may not expect me too, but I would want to. So that's the end of my run on the Spotlight, and I'm quite relieved the pressure's off. I will keep the blips going, I am determined to have a complete year in 2011.

I had a longer sleep last night and I feel better for it, but I still have some catching up to do.

My Dad is back in hospital after something of a mishap last night. I haven't been able to reach him on his phone this evening. There's just a chance he might see this on his IPad tonight - so Dad, if you are reading this - I'll ring you tomorrow morning.

ps I thought I had switched off the comments, but somehow must have forgotten to pressthe Save button. Sorry. Now done.

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