Live for Today


Life through my Eyes

I have a bucket list. On this list is many, many thing that I want to complete before I die. They vary from traveling to all 50 states within the U.S. to creating a cookbook. Two items on this list is to do a 365 day photo project and to journal. I saw an opportunity to cross both off of my list, so here I am, laying my life out in photos for all to see.

Photography is a hobby of mine. I love to capture the wonder of the world in a way that others may not see it. Even an ordinary shot can capture a memory and last a lifetime. I'm known as the girl with the camera. Whether it is my phone, the point-and-shoot I always have in my purse, or my DSLR, I always have a camera ready to shoot my surroundings. While I may not be a professional photographer, I'm working to perfect my skills, learn new techniques and simply enjoy life through the viewfinder.

I'm not guaranteeing perfect pictures. Some might be good, some might be silly, and hopefully none too horrible! So the day I start this journey, what do I do but take a blurry picture. I admit, I wanted to start today but was in a hurry so quick snapped while the sun was setting and didn't take the time to proof. Set the standards low in the beginning and I can only go up from here!

I was once asked if "I see the world in photographs?" I sometimes think I do. So now you will get a glimpse of my life in photos. From the mundane to the extra ordinary (not that those moments occur all that often!). Hopefully you will be able to see me cross a few more things off my bucket list!

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