The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Tilt Shift

My last photograph from Nidd Hall ends where we began, with a view from the bedroom window.

I noticed when I took the photograph on the second morning (the first one was taken with the iPhone), that I was getting the Tilt-shift illusion if I brought the window sill in at the front. It makes the garden look like a miniature.

Okay, it might not be as good as some of these but for an accidental photographer like me, it's not bad!

We had a great four days here at Nidd Hall. The staff are amazing. The entertainment "players" are brilliant, and are so incredibly hard working. They never stopped. They would do a play at 3pm, and then would have changed into period costumes to do historical vignettes fifteen minutes after that had finished. Their enthusiasm knew bounds.

Despite the fact me and Dawn fell outside their age demographic by a considerable margin, they entertained us royally! We had a blast! The food was incredible, the weather was good, the facilities brilliant. All in all, not a bad little break. I would also like to thank Dawn's parents, Steve and Pam, for asking us along, and being great company.

We decided to call in at the RSPB newest reserve on the way back, so that's where the next blip will be coming from!

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