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By dianafieldphoto

218 / 365 - My Beautiful Boy

Was meant to have a meeting in London today but it has been post-poned... so no interesting new location photos from London area today, and unfortunately my garden isn't the most exciting place to try out a new lens!

It was either some pictures of an unwilling model Coco again as Galinda was sleeping, or some flowers. I went with this one - I'm not too good at photographing flowers outdoors after spending a whole term at college on a project of flowers in the studio in AS Photography. Outdoor flowers are a whole new world to me hehe!

Loving the lens so far, again thank you 'Tiebreaker'! I just can't wait to get the opportunity to take some proper photos with it this week! I'm attending a funeral this week and my mother wants me to document it... it's going to be sad but a positive yet strange photo experience, to then be followed by a wedding rehearsal the day after... and then the weekend wedding! So this week will have some contrast in photos and I can't wait!

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