Free as a bird

By freebird

First onion

Never grown onions before so it was a moment of triumph when I lifted my first one today. They're easy to grow so I'll try them again next year. I've done a bit of Photoshop Watercolour on this. Not sure it's improved it but it wasn't a very glamorous onion in the first place... but I love it because it's my first!
The blip image today should have been a mouse but having got one cornered in the kitchen, there was no way I was about to go and fetch the camera and leave it to go on the loose again.
The day started off really well until my dear cat decided to bring me a present - a mouse which it dropped in the middle of the kitchen. The mouse promptly hid behind the boiler, the cat set up camp and after a two hour stand off ther was no sign of the little creature.
Eventually, the cat gave up and went outside. So it was down to me. In the end the mouse appeared and I managed to corner it in the dining end of the kitchen. Just as it made a break for it, somehow I managed to flip it out of the door with the doormat! What a relief...
The day finished with a lovely barbecue at a friend's place and I got a chance to calm my jangled nerves.

For the record: 20C, cloudy

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