Steph's window on life...

By SJordan

Exactly as it says on the cup...

Time for tea well, mine was coffee, but ya know...

Didn't do much this morning, watched some tv and did a little reading. After lunch, Mum and I came up to my Great Aunt and Uncle's. Mum went to take Toby out (in the rain!). While Mum was taking him out, I went down to my Cousin's to meet their Spanish Exchange Student, she's such a lovely little girl. Isabel is her name, and she's from Barcelona and is 12. She's over here for just over 3 weeks. So far she seems to be enjoying her time in Ireland. So she may feature in my blips over the next couple of weeks. I'm taking her and the girls out on Saturday, going to see The Smurfs. :)

Going to work at 5, so I'm not doing much the rest of the afternoon. :)


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