Wisdom Begins In Wonder

By bobzilla

Fairy Dust

It's too dreich to go outside with a camera and to dull and overcast to get enough light into my cameraphone so I thought I'd give the dSLR a whirl and check out blipfoto's web interface whilst I was at it.

So yeah, one of the many things that I do to make ends meet is bake for my wife's shop. Our baking cupboards are chock full with the things I use every day from flour and sugar through to food dyes and flavourings. Everything in that cupboard has a use and I'm constantly restocking it.

You can understand my confusion when I was doing a quick stock check for my next order and I found a small tub of pink glittery sugar sitting in the middle of the shelf. I didn't buy it, my wife claims she never bought it and the kids are too short to reach those cupboards. It must have been the fairies my daughter decided. I can't say I can come up with a better answer if I'm being honest.

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