Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Time 22:20, and we've had about sixteen hours of continuous heavy rain, with another twelve or more forecast. I did not take the bicycle to work!

Many thanks for the kind wishes for my concerns of yesterday. The meeting with the Boss was an anticlimax, with no real answers yet. They'll come over the next three or more weeks, with some interviews first. There will be savings from our number in some way(s), not yet known, or disclosed. And the way we're organised will be changed in ways that are likewise.

In the grand scheme of things, my woes, or worries are nothing. I've had employment for years and years. Which is much more than many. Then all the violence and criminality going on in London, and other cities down South. So many lives, and livelihoods harmed. Let alone Libya, Syria, Afghanistan,...

[Edit: [i]time given was the upload time, just in case that's not obvious...[/i]]

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