The second half of life..

By twigs

Impressionist waves

This is getting rather repetitive and boring...........

..........another mega busy day leaping and lurching from one job/crisis/task/activity to another all day to finally arrive at this point.........almost bedtime and almost through another week.

High/low points summary:

~ mass thieving from changing rooms at school :(
~ vandalised water fountain spewing water everywhere :(
~ plans I thought were all good aren't :( Start again.
~ wasted precious time being directed needlessly from pillar to post and back again :(
~ classes all good - on task, engaged and fun :)
~ bought new mobile internet connection thing. One problem solved :)
~ watched netball team play a great game tonight :)
~ cracked through a few more 'must do' tasks :)

All in all - a good day.

And the picture? Well, it's been freezing cold and damp today. On the way home from town I stopped along the waterfront and took a few 'grey' shots of the bay. A little tweaking however turned the dull, drab and emotionless grey into a lovely impressionist, warm, blue-green scene. I'm going to save the setting and apply it to my day, my mind, my feelings next time grey gets a bit overpowering!

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