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By kristinaj

Absolutely Incredible

Today started off as seemingly the most boring day yet. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to post. A picture of me eating breakfast/lunch? How about me sitting at the computer? Boring boring boring.

Then Auntie Sheila brought out a box containing all of my great uncle Ed's World War II documents. I couldn't believe what was inside! He had letters sent by Presidents Truman and Reagan congratulating him on his service during the war as well as all of his discharge documents and dozens of pictures of him and his fellow soldiers. Then I spotted the envelope.

Inside that envelope were about 40 or so pictures that would shock even historians.

Remember how outraged everyone was when pictures were released of American soldiers taunting Iraqi prisoners? In case you forgot, you can view some of those pictures HERE.

Well these photographs would make even those soldiers blush. For example, one of the photos show an American soldier smiling proudly while holding up the severed head of a Japanese man. Many other images resemble that of the Nazis walking around dead body after dead body as calmly as one would be walking to get their morning coffee.

I wish I could've posted some of the images I found, but I don't want to break the rules here at blipfoto. It's probably much better anyway that these photos stay off of the web. Besides, for all I know these pictures could be public knowledge already.

These pictures are of my great uncle's knife and military hat, both of which were inside the box with the rest of his documents. I couldn't help but wonder when holding these items in my hands just what exactly they had been through. The hat looked like it had been cleaned. Surely it must've had sweat stains on it at times--hopefully no blood stains.

The knife was a bit more terrifying though. The blade is as dull as could be today. I cringe at the thought of what that knife would've been used for.

And I thought today was going to be boring....

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