By treegonk

Number 2 of 3

Number 42, a quite biggish, left-hand drive lorry from Holland decided to move into the fast lane at the same time that I was over-taking him at about 70mph on the M8. He noticed me when his steel-hardened indicator and bumper crunched down the side of my car.

His big chunky tyre started chewing bits off my car as I turned to see 20 tonnes of lorry trying to get in my side window. I managed to stay in control and luckily I have quite a heavy car, otherwise I would probably be mince meat in the central reservation.

To make things better, the driver hardly spoke a word of English. He did manage to say sorry and draw a diagram explaining his guilt on an insurance form from his company, which was, uhm, all Dutch to me...

A 3-bad-thing day:

Number 1 - smashing the window in my flat at 1am while washing it ready for the first viewing today and having to fork out for a glazier.
Number 2 - Number 42 (pictured)
Number 3 - beaten at squash 3-0

I'm not too worried if that's all that happens. I'm still alive with only dents in my wallet, car and pride.

If the squash defeat doesn't count, I better go and break a match...

<- Back-blipped a wee drive-by. Maybe I'll start a new 'drive-into' series.

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