Being in Becoming

By MsRachel

A Million Little Pieces

I'll admit from the start, I'm not crazy about this photo in and of itself. All apologies made for the lack of beauty in the actual shot.

That said, I love the story behind it. This photo is of an incredible woman, a mother figure of sorts in my life. Today was her 62nd birthday, so she had us light 62 candles for her, and she blew them all out in two deep breaths. She is one of the strongest, kindest, sweetest, sunniest, most open, most forgiving, most compassionate people I've ever met in my life. Whenever I'm around her (which is not nearly often enough) my soul feels like someone's shining a soft, warm light on it. She's been through more than should be legal, moral or acceptable, yet she extends more grace to the world than is comprehensible.

Just out of the shot is another beautiful soul. I've known her for only two days via one of my best friends, yet in those 2 days we've covered years and years of friendship. She, too, is made up of a million little pieces. Strong, fragile, broken, whole. Dealing with a entire world of heartache, surrounded by more beauty than one can stand. And radiating goodness from the bottom of her soul.

I'm struck by these two women because of their staggering ability to be present. To be here, now. To find 62 candles on their birthday. To travel across the world in pursuit of healing. To ask questions and to seek answers. To recognize that not a single one of the million little pieces of which they are made should be viewed out of context of the other million little pieces.

I raise my glass to them both.

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