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Still Life With Cardamom

I planned to venture further afield today despite awful warnings on the weather forecast, but was deterred by heavy rain as I drove off and changed my plans. This was probably the wrong decision as the rain soon stopped, though of course it may have been different at my intended destination.

This cardamom, with aloe vera in the background, was taken in Calne at a friend's house.

I took some using flash but upon inspection a shadow has come from somewhere falling across the thistly part of the plant, and this is the only one I took without. Unfortunately it isn't sharp where I wanted it to be. Never mind.

Edit: I realised that the shadow had been caused by the lens hood falling foul of the on-camera flash so I returned this evening and took a couple more shots with the lens hood removed, and this is the replaced image, though, ironically, without flash.

Lens: Pentax 16-45mm

Blip #506
Consecutive Blip #003
Day #510

Still Life series

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