a town called E.

By Eej


I must have done something good:

First a co-worker gave my other co-worker a bag with clothes her daughter's roommate was getting rid of. And when the other co-worker found a pair of sparkly red Nikes in there she thought maybe they would suit me better than her.
And they are just awesome. Is 45 too old to wear shiny red sneakers? Yeah, I don't think so either :)

On the way home I stopped at the Lake where for the last few weeks I've seen a cormorant all by his lonesome. In the 4 years I've lived here (next Friday is the anniversary of my residency) I have never seen a cormorant, so it's been exciting. Except for when it flew away as soon as I would approach. Day after day after day ... (well, I tried a few times anyway)
Today I got lucky; it posed. And then when I asked him to take a bath so he'd have to dry his wings and I could take a photo of that he obligingly did.

What a good day :)

My plans for the series I talked about yesterday are taking form. Now, if I could get over my shyness that would help a LOT.

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