By CarolineJay


This is what helps me through the working day. Sadly, I haven't got
any actual cake today, but will be baking later :-)
20 years of mouse abuse resulted in trigger finger, which meant
mousing and scribbling lecture notes would occasionally send my right
hand into claw-like spasms, hence the vertical mouse and ring pen -
both indispensable.
Morning coffee in the freebie mug I got when a student, and my apple-a-
day (I know it looks like a bad addition in Photoshop, but honestly,
it was there on the desk when I took the photo).
And now I'd better get back to earning a living...

...and two reminders now, but how to blip it? Radio 4 on in the background (or whodunnits on R4Extra), of course. I should have written it on the pad.

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