mrs monochrome

By mrsmonochrome

Beauty.. in the eye of the beholder. I think Logan is beautiful :)

His poor wee eye is no better, as you can see. We saw the Nurse Practioner on Thursday and she said we should see Logan's GP today when she returned from her holiday. The Nurse Practioner thought the problem was a cyst that would need to be removed at the Sick Kids Hospital. I've worried about this slightly all weekend as I really didn't enjoy our last visit there. Anyway the GP has referred Logan to the eye pavilion as she feels it's neither an infection or a cyst but she doesn't know what it could be. We'll just have to wait on our appointment and see what they say. Hopefully we can get Logan's wee eye fixed soon as it's been like this for over 2 months now (he's only 4 months old, so half his life!!).

Other than that it's been another laundry day, not very exciting. I've also been organising all my old baby things for the Jack & Jill sale I'm going to at the end of next month. Hopefully that'll give us some spending money for our holidays!

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