Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly rescue

I found this tattered and tired little butterfly on the ground in front of the doors to the Student Centre and York Lanes colonnade. I almost didn't see it and nearly stepped on it. Given that this area is one of the highest-traffic areas on campus it was doomed to be squished in a matter of minutes. I cupped a hand around it and it gripped my fingers. I moved to one of the nearby bushes to put it down. It was pretty breezy and shoot the bush a bit roughly. The poor, delicate thing was trembling, perhaps dying. I cupped it again to move it to a safer place when it took off and bounced against other glass doors. I caught it again and walked it further away intending to put it in the flower garden nearby. Just before I could get there it took off and fluttered into a tree next to the garden. Well out of reach and now safe I bid it adieu and safe travels even if it only had hours to live (given its condition). Oddly, a dozen days ago, I saved the caterpillar version of this butterfly from getting squished on a busy path on campus. I'm two for two. I think the Dalai Lama would approve.

Yesterday's blip: #382 - In memorium: Jack Layton, PhD, MP, YorkU Grad

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